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Today, 753 years ago, in the year 1267, happened the massacres of the Jewish community of Pforzheim. 

We find a description on Wikipedia as follows: “At Pforzheim, Baden, in 1267, a woman supposedly sold a girl over to Jews who, according to the myth, then cut her open and dumped her in the Enz River, where boatmen found her. She apparently cried for vengeance, and then died. The body apparently bled as the suspected Jews were brought to it. The woman and the reportedly involved Jews confessed and were then subsequently killed. That a judicial murder was then and there committed against the Jews in consequence of the accusation is evident from the manner in which the Nuremberg “Memorbuch” and the synagogal poems refer to the incident.”

In Worms there was a special “Zulas” (Yotzros) that was said every Shabbos after 20 Tamuz.

Source: Das Martyrologium des Nürnberger Memorbuches (1898), pp. 15, 128–130; Wikipedia

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