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34th century A.M., Babylon:
The Fall of Babylon As Foreseen by our Holy Prophets
by Yossi Kwadrat, EIC

1st century, Jerusalem:
Churban Bayis Sheni: An Eyewitness Account
by Josephus Flavius (37-100CE)

1st—21st Centuries, Israel, Europe & Africa:
The Holy Vessels: Where Are They Now?
by Mrs Yehudis Litvak

10th century, Ethiopia:
Jewish Queen of Semien: Fact or Fiction?
by Rabbi Pinchas Landis

Throughout the Ages, Middle East:
Who Are the Reichavim? Jewish Bedouins or…
By Yaakov Landman

18th century, Poland:
A Living Kesser Torah in Stree: The Story of the Rav of Lissa
by Yossi Kwadrat, EIC

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