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31th century AM – Yafo
GEOGRAPHY: Yonah’s Itinerary:
Where did Yonah Hanavi Intend to Travel To?
Where is Tarshish on the Global Map?

36th century AM – Israel
HISTORY: The Fights of The Rabbis – Part 1:
The Rise and Fall of the Sadducee
By: Rabbi Pinchas Landis

12th century – International
TRAVELERS: Jewish Explorers of the Globe
R’ Binyamin of Tudela
By: Soroh Menucha Peltz

18th century – Prague
HALACHAH: Shemini Atzeres in the Sukkah
The Minhagim of Rashi and the Remah

18th century – Bessarabia
RESEARCH: In Search of the Sambatyon
The Whereabouts of the Mysterious River
By: Yaacov Landman

17th century – Cracow
STORY: Succor in the Sukkah
A Chavrusa in the Sukkah Leads to Reunion

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