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Today, 455 years ago, in the year 1565 [5325 AM], the Maharam Padova passed away in Padua.

Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen of Padua a.k.a. Maharam Padova was the Rav of Padua, Italy. He published the Rambam and his commentary, with the Bragadini press in Venice. Soon thereafter, a competing press company, by Giustiniani, started printing the Rambam as well, directly competing with him. Maharam turned to his relative, the Rema of Cracow, who put out a cherem on the Giustiniani edition of the Rambam. Giustiniani took matters into his own hand and turned to the Vatican, which resulted in the burning of the Talmud in Rome, on Rosh HaShanah 1553.

Source: Shut Rema 10. [The Rema refers to the two Venetian Printers, as Yentilomar, which translates in Italian, as gentlemen.]

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