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1 Bul 

Jerusalem, 2936 AM: King Shlomo, completed the construction of the Beis Hamikdash. 

This is mentioned in Melachim vol. I, 6:38: “And in the eleventh year, in the month of Bul—that is, the eighth month—the House was completed according to all its details and all its specifications. It took him seven years to build it.”

‘Bul’ is the Hebrew name for ‘Cheshvan’.

The name ‘Cheshvan’, is not Hebrew at all, and the same applies to all the names of the twelve months. They actually derive from Babylonia. They are known as follows: Nisannu, Ajaru, Simanu, Du’ûzu,  bu, Ulûlu, Tašrîtu, Arahsamna, Kislîmu, Tebêtu, Šabatu, Addaru. One can see that the “m” comes in place of the Hebrew “Vav”, thus  “Arahsamna”, is what we know as “MarCheshvan”.

How did we get to use these Babylonian names? Rabbi Chanina says, “The Names of the months came up with them from Babylonia.”

Sources: Yerushalmi, Rosh Hashanah 6b;

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