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Calaraseuca, 1853: R’ Baruch Branchin, captain of the Mohyliv-Otaci ferry, drowned.

R’ Baruch lived in Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyi, where he operated a parrom–ferry on the Dniester river, crossing between his hometown, and Otaci.

On 5 Cheshvan.  The Dniester was very swollen. R’ Baruch tried to navigate his ferry up to Otaci, but the swollen waters pushed the ferry down to Calaraseuca. When he realized that the ferry isn’t navigatable, he hired two oxen, to pull the ferry upstream. Suddenly, a heavy wave stormed the ferry, and R’ Baruch together with his worker were swept off the ferry and drowned. Three days later, when the Dniester had calmed down, R’ Baruch’s body was found.

Source: Shoel uMeishiv, 6th ed. §15

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