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10 Elul 5780 AM

Today, 345 years ago, in the year 1675, R’ Model Ries from Vienna passed away in Berlin.

Shul in Berlin

Rabbi Mordechai Model Ries was a member of the famous Öttingen family.  He was Rav in the community of Schnaittach [a market town in Middle Franconia, Germany].  Thereafter he was Dayan in Vienna.  At the infamous expulsion from Vienne in 1670, he established the Jewish kehillah in Berlin, where a great part of the Vienna community settled.  R’ Model was also active there, in acquiring grounds for a Jewish burial site.

R’ Model was a paraplegic.  The local Kürfürst expressed himself about R’ Model, “Would he have had working legs, as is his mind, one wouldn’t find a person like him in the whole country!”

Source: LeToledos HeKehilos BePolin, page 77

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