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The Building of the Radin Yeshiva

Radin, 1926: The Yeshivah receives a new maggid shiur, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Yosef Zachs.

In a letter signed by the Chafetz Chayim, we read his plans to emigrate to our Holy Land but plans changed at the very last minute, when, on the day set for departure, his rebbetzin, fell very sick. He had to cancel his plans and remain home in Radin [Raduń, Lida, Nowogródek, Poland]. He ends his letter by saying that since he has a son-in-law, a great talmid chacham, R’ Menachem Mendel Yosef Zachs, he passes on his position to continue to give shiurim in the Yeshivah.

Source: Igros U’Mamamrim, letter 116.

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