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Frankfurt, 1575: Sefer Vikuach Mayim Chayim was finished.

Sefer Vikuach Mayim Chayim is a critique on Remuh’s sefer Toras Chatas. It was authored by his friend, and according to some sources, his chavrusa, Rabbi Chaim of Friedberg, brother of Maharal of Prague.

Although the author finished writing his sefer 10 Adar 1575, it was only printed 137 years later, 1712 in Amsterdam.

R’ Chaim was the Shatz/Chazzan of Frankfurt between the years 1576-1580. There he lived in the house named ‘Veinfass–Wine barrel’. Thereafter he was the rav of Friedberg. R’ Chaim passed away on Shavuos 1588.

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