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Today, 831 years ago, in the year 1189, the Tosafist Rabbi Yaakov from Orleans, France, was murdered here in London.

The coronation of Richard I

On that day, Richard I, known as Richard the Lionheart, was crowned in London, as the new king, after his predecessor, Henry II, died. 

Jews were not allowed to participate in the crowning ceremony. Since this was a last-minute notification, some Jews who’d come specially to participate from York, decided to go ahead anyway. Considering that they were strangers in the city, they thought no one would recognize them – but they were recognized. They were instantly dragged brutally out of the palace. 

The crowd seeing Jews being treated this way, they assumed what they assumed, and a pogrom broke out in the Jewish quarter in London. Between the innocent Jews murdered, was R’ Yaakov from Orleans.

Source: Gezeros Ashkenaz VeZorfas, Emek Habacha

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