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Ruins on Mt. Gerizim 1880

Today is โ€œMount Gerizim Dayโ€!

Mount Gerizim, 3449 AM: The headquarters of the Samaritans, was destroyed.

Now, what is that?

Well, Today, in the year 3449 AM, Mount Gerizim,The headquarters of the Samaritans, was plowed/ploughed over and seeded with leeks โ€“ a symbol of total destruction.

This was done as a reaction, to their plot, to do so to Har Habayis.

They had approached Alexander Macedonian, a.k.a. Alexander the Great, on his visit to Eretz Yisrael and asked him to sell 5 Kur (a measurement) of Har Habayis, with the intention to destroy it.

Alexander had first agreed but changed his plan after meeting with Shimon Hatzadik.

Source: Megillas Taanis, in Yoma 69a the date given is 25 Teves

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