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Today, 356 years ago, in the year 1664, R’ Zacharia Möhr passed away in Vienna. 

R’ Zacharia and his wife Feigle lived in Vienna, where they built a Klaus/Beis Hamedrash. They paid for several talmidei chachamim to sit in the Klaus and learn all day. 

R’ Zecharia also had the chazaka, to buy the wine that was used for Kiddush and Havdalah after Maariv, in shul every week.

What’s interesting, is that these details were all inscribed on his, and his wife’s gravestones.

Their son R’ Yosef, who was expelled from Vienna during the famous expulsion in 1670, went in his parents’ footsteps and built a Klaus in Kremsier [Kroměříž. Czech], the town where he settled.

After the expulsion from Vienna, R’ Zacharia’s Klaus was demolished, and a church has been erected in its place.

Source: Edus Beyosef, Bikurei Haitim 1865.

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