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Today, 2375 years ago in the year 3405 AM, Haman Harasha was hanged!

Wasn’t he hanged on the second day of Pesach? 

Well, it works out that there is a disagreement about the day he was hanged. The Midrash states, there is seventy pesukim between the beginning of Haman’s section in Megilas Esther, and the pasuk where it is mentioned that Haman was hanged, “To the purpose of seventy, was hanged on fifty”, which means to say the Haman was hanged seventy days after sending out his evil decree, on 13 Nissan.

We say this very line “Lesachlis shiv’im, nisleh al chamishim – to the end of seventy, [he] was hanged on fifty” in the Yotzros of Parshas Zachor, it’s the last line before the Silluk.

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