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London 1791: Rabbi Tevele HaKohen Schiff, passed away.

R’ Tebbele was born in Frankfurt to R’ Zalman and Reizle. In his youth, he studied in the Frankfurt Yeshivah led by the rav – the P’nei Yehoshua. He served as a Dayan, in Worms, and thereafter back in his hometown, Frankfurt. In 1765 he was called to serve as rav in the Great Synagogue in London [London had at that time three Ashkenazic communities. The Great Synagogue, The Hambro Synagogue, and the New Synagogue (currently the Bobov shul on Egerton Road). They eventually unified into the United Synagogue]. With this position, he also received the post of the Chief Rabbinate of Great Britain.

Source: Ele Toldot 19.XII.1791

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