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This month, 2332 years ago, in the year 3449 AM, Alexander the Great visited the holy city of Jerusalem.

Alexander came to ask for the support of the Jews in his battle against Darius the king of Persia. The Kohen Gadol, Shimon Hatzadik refused to come to the assistance of Alexander, due to an oath he had sworn to Darius, not to bear arms against him.

Alexander wanted to meet Shimon Hatzadik, the one who dared not to come to his aid, but his heart changed when he stood face to face with Shimon Hatzadik, exclaiming that he sees an image of him, when he goes into battle!

In honor of Alexander, all Jewish boys born that year were called Alexandrus, and the Jews started a new count of years, commencing from that year, known as the Minyan Shtaros system.

Source: Sefer Yuchasin.

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