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Today, 311 years ago, in the year 1709, Rabbi Eliezer Ettinger passed away in Holleschau.

Shul in Holešov

Rabbi Ettinger was initially the rav in Lundenburg [Břeclav, South Moravia, Czech Republic], and thereafter he was called to take over the rabbinic post in Holleschau  [Holešov, Czech], where he stayed until he passed away.

Although he isn’t so well known, his son Reb Leib Rosh Yeshiva, was very famous and was Rav in Lemberg [Lviv, Ukraine].

Rabbi Ettinger was also known as Reb Leizer Lichtenstadt. This surname he got from his father Avraham Aron Lichtenstadt, who got it from his ‘stepfather’ Jacob Aron Lichtenstadt.

R’ Leizer’s father in law, R’ Yosef Möhr, was the son of R’ Zechariah Möhr from Vienna [mentioned 22 Tamuz 5780 AM].

BTW. Avraham Aron Lichtenstadt was involved in the case which eventually led to the installment of the Hebrew text on the Crucifix and Calvary on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

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