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Today, 178 years ago, in the year 1842, Rabbi Nachum Trebitsch from Nikolsburg was niftar in Prague.

A few days prior, on a Thursday evening, 22 Tamuz 1842, R’ Nachum came to Prague, where he was hosted by R’ Anshel Graf. The whole town came to see and meet this holy person, but they were very saddened to see his unrecognizable face, due to his illness.

R’ Nachum fainted several times, and on Shabbos, he fell for the last time into bed.

Sunday morning, 25 Tamuz, The Beth Din of Prague, commanded everyone to gather and say Tehillim for the health of R’ Nachum. The Rabbanim went to the Kevarim of the holy Tzaddikim. For a whole day, the Yidden from Prague prayed for R’ Nachum’s recovery.

The next day, the whole city gathered around the house where R’ Nachum lay struggling for his life. On Monday night around midnight, the 27th of Tamuz, R’ Nachum was niftar.

Source: Prague Register, Kol Nehi, preface

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