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Lemberg, 29 Teves 1659; Rabbi Yossef HaLevi Heller passed away.

R’ Yossef, was the elder brother of Rabbi Lipmann Heller, known as the Tosfos Yomtov. 

The Tosfos Yomtov tells us that he himself never met his father R’ Nathan, as his father passed away at the mere age of 18 years before he was born. We also know that the Tosfos Yomtov was born in 1579. Therefore it must be that his brother, R’ Yossef, was older than him. This makes him at least 80 years of age when he passed away.

From R’ Yossef’s gravestone inscription, on which he’s called ‘Ish HaElokim–A G-dly Man’, we learn that he was a leader of the community of Lemberg, [Lviv, Ukraine], as well as the Rosh Beis Din.

Sources: Metzeivas Kodesh; Preface to Tosfos Yom Tov.

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