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Today, about 2180 years ago, circa 3600 AM, “… the Soreiga was torn away from the Azarah.”

Well, we’re still a month away from Chanukah, but, it’s nearly 30 days beforehand. We are going back to the times of the Chashmonaim’s revolt against the Greeks. When the Chashmonaim had the upper hand, they tore down the Soreiga room (not to confuse with the Soreg wall) which was built by the Greeks in the holy Azarah

What was so bad about the Soreiga that it’s demolition called for a yearly Yom Tov?

The Greeks dedicated this room for prostitutes. Therefore the day of its destruction was called to be a Yom Tov.

When they demolished the Soreiga, they found therein a collection of gemstones. The Chashmonaim weren’t sure if these stones were tahor or tamei, so they were put into genizah until the day Eliyahu Hanavi comes and will solve this issue. 

Source: Megillas Taanis

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