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Today, 2371 years ago, in the year 3409 AM, began the reconstruction of the destroyed walls of the holy city Jerusalem.

The walls were destroyed 70 years earlier by the Babylonians when they destroyed our Holy Beis Hamikdash.

They worked on it all day from dusk until dawn. It took them 4 years to reconstruct and complete the walls.

Source: Seder Hadoros 3408

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  • rmpearlman says:

    Noce, Tyasher Koach.
    Does Sefer Hadoros also put resumption of Holy Temple II in 3408? from my perspective ‘Walls’ yes, Holy Temple no. Per TDC we resumed Holy Temple II in 3396, not 3408, and it took about 4 years. ‘Darius the Persian’ being son of Hystapes, aka Darius I the great, and not Darius I grandson b. Darius-Artaxerxes b. Xerxes As most confuse Darius the Persian in Ezra w/ being Darius-Artaxerxes the son of Xerxes-Achashverosh and Esther.
    reference Torah Discovery Chronology.(TDC).

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