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Today, 3374 years ago, in the year 2206 AM, Yaakov Avinu was on his way back home from Lavan’s house, when he heard that his twin brother Esav, was on his way to confront him. 

That morning, Yaakov sent out heavenly angels with a gift to Esav, hoping to soften his heart, which, as it worked out, did its job.  That night, the night of Tisha B’Av, he had his struggle with the Angel! Although Yaakov Avinu won the struggle, he did come out wounded. Even though the next morning “The sun rose upon him,” he was still “limping on his hip.” The next morning Yaacov had a busy day, he had to meet Esav. In the end, “Jacob arrived safely in the city of Shechem which is in the land of Canaan!” 

The very same applies to us, we are limping in Galus, we are struggling, and facing Esav on a daily basis, and we wait for the day, when we will also arrive safely in our holy land.

Source: Based on Chasam Sofer, Devarim 33 (Chidushei Agados).

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